America’s right wing intellectuals undergo illiberal transformation

America’s right wing intellectuals undergo illiberal transformation By Marc-Olivier Bherer (South Bend, Indiana; Steubenville, Ohio; and Washington, DC, special correspondent)Published on November 5, 2022 at 12h00 14 min. InvestigationA nexus of American Catholic intellectuals are advocating a regime change to end abortion and fight the increased focus on identity issues, which they associate with liberal … Continue reading America’s right wing intellectuals undergo illiberal transformation

Credible Skills, or Hollow Credentials?

A recent coincidence: On the same day the NY Times reported that NYU ousted an adjunct professor after students' complained that his organic chemistry class was too hard, my director summoned me, also now with adjunct status, to share the scuttlebutt on my teaching. NYT editors solicited comments from students and profs, and published … Continue reading Credible Skills, or Hollow Credentials?

Piketty: Moving away from three-tier democracy

Thomas Piketty Professor at EHESS (Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales, Paris) and the Paris School of Economics According to the French economist, rebuilding a left-right divide centred on questions of redistribution and social inequality is the central issue of France's legislative elections. Moving away from three-tier democracy Published on June 11, 2022 at … Continue reading Piketty: Moving away from three-tier democracy

The Vyrus

2020 Vyrus Vyrus, binding tight,To our tissue day and night;What immortal hand or eye,Could frame thy fearful symmetry? And what bellows, & what wants,Could twist thine host’s primed response?A gentle furnace, why requireSuch sight unkind, a storm of fire? Whence thy bloom, pressed to selectA deathless force to infect?What dread hand? & Who to blame?As … Continue reading The Vyrus

Denazify signals anti-Semitism

Jason Stanley, Yale philosophy professor, author of How Propaganda Works and How Fascism Works, unpacks "deNazification". JS interviewed by Brooke Gladstone in the final segment of an On the Media podcast - excerpt of transcript below.      4 March 2022 Brooke G  37:29This is on the media. I'm Brooke Gladstone. When Putin declared war on Ukraine … Continue reading Denazify signals anti-Semitism

Reflections on Implicit Bias Training

October 2, 2021 In the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd and the widespread BLM protests, the leadership of my Christian congregation considered various programs that would both boost the awareness of the persistent systemic racism throughout the United States, and ideally, motivate members to engage locally in activities that address social injustices, especially … Continue reading Reflections on Implicit Bias Training

Annex 1: Canvas method and validity

Rationale for canvassing: Admission: I was not a faithful student with suggested homework, for example, journaling. So, it would not be in good faith to claim that my views are representative of other participants.             Several people attended some early sessions and then dropped, for reasons unknown to me. Spectrum of conjectured reasons: From a … Continue reading Annex 1: Canvas method and validity

Annex 5. Risk of weakening the guide’s influence

Julia Galef is a leader among those promoting a revival of rationality in private discussion and public discourse. Like IBT aiming at sub-conscious attitudes, Galef urges us to be alert to our universally shared cognitive biases. A central theme in her book "The Scout Mindset" is that we would do well on occasion to "hide … Continue reading Annex 5. Risk of weakening the guide’s influence

Annex 3. Other ways to invest effort and resources

When and in what contexts does an increase in the personal awareness of systemic racism matter?     Suggested texts: - IX Kendi 2006 Stamped From the Beginning, a history of racist policies and crimes from Aristotle to today. A key message: Racist policies precede development and rationalization of racist ideologies. - Eric Foner   1988:  Reconstruction … Continue reading Annex 3. Other ways to invest effort and resources

Annex 4. Flawed notions of biological intergenerational transmission of trauma in MGH.

Some MGH content/quotes, often paraphrased, that were presented during the sessions, with comments: "In the aftermath of highly stressful or traumatic situations, our soul nerve [vagus] and lizard brain may embed a reflexive trauma response in our bodies." ("lizard brain" is no longer an accepted concept) "... form of racialized trauma lives in the bodies … Continue reading Annex 4. Flawed notions of biological intergenerational transmission of trauma in MGH.

Methods of clinical trauma management

Along with the unconfirmed notion that bodies are born with inherited trauma, MGH's author emphasizes the practices of somatic therapy for traumatic stress, "body work," approaches that are not yet among those that enjoy the greatest level of evidential support.A cursory survey in Google Scholar reveals that even the most widely used treatments for trauma, … Continue reading Methods of clinical trauma management