Annex 1: Canvas method and validity

Rationale for canvassing: Admission: I was not a faithful student with suggested homework, for example, journaling. So, it would not be in good faith to claim that my views are representative of other participants.

            Several people attended some early sessions and then dropped, for reasons unknown to me. Spectrum of conjectured reasons: From a charitable view: the time investment was not possible with other obligations in their lives, and they stepped out with regret. To a pessimistic view: disappointment with the content of the three hour sessions or the book(s) or absence of essential “chemistry” with the guide or others in the course, or other discomforts. Either way their views could have been solicited, with the caveat that they did not experience the entire course. It seemed preferable to limit feedback from those who attended the full 18 hours (plus homework for many). I did not request comments from people who were associated in some manner with the guide.             In the conversations, I restrained from announcing my opinions. With some, I did give some views, but only after I had listened and noted highlights of theirs. I tried, no doubt imperfectly, to phrase questions in a manner that did not suggest my opinions.

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