Pentecost Poems / Christian Poets

During the forum on Pentecost, June 5, 2022, eight of these poems were presented by several volunteer readers, in the Parish Hall or via Zoom.
The request for readers:
If you would like to participate as a reader, please choose one or two from this list or suggest other poems.
The poem titles are links to web pages with the full text of the poems.
Please send a note including title(s) of poem(s) and poet(s) to:
You can read either if you join the forum in the Parish Hall, or if you connect with Zoom.

A compilation, Modern and Contemporary Poets of Christian Faith, lists many other poets, and includes a bibliography: Poetry Collections and Scholarship Involving Christian Faith or Scripture.

In the table, the years listed are either the year of a collection, or the year of first publication, when available.

Title / LinkPoetYearCollection / Series
Vespers (Even as you appeared to Moses, because) (one of 10 ‘Vespers’ by L.G.)Louise Glück1993Wild Iris
i thank You God for most this amazingE. E. Cummings1950Xaipe
Translation to French with commentary
Derek Walcott1987The Arkansas Testament
An Hymn to HumanityPhillis Wheatleyc. 1770The Poems of Phillis Wheatley
Cantar del Alma
Station Island XI (translation by S.H.)
San Juan de la Cruz
Seamus Heaney
16th c. 1984Station Island (Heaney)
God’s GrandeurGerard Manley Hopkins1877As Kingfishers Catch Fire
Veni CreatorCzeslaw Milosz1961Collected Poems 1931-1987
WhitsundayGeorge Herbert1633The Temple
SuddenlyR.S. Thomas1975Collected Poems 1945-90
Our Mother-tongue Is Love; A Sonnet for PentecostMalcolm Guite2012Sounding the Seasons
Psalm 48: Magnus DominusMalcolm Guite2021David’s Crown: A Poetic
Companion to the Psalms
Psalm 105: Confitemini DominoMalcolm Guite2021David’s Crown: A Poetic
Companion to the Psalms
The FireFranz Wright2006God’s Silence
To the Holy SpiritWendell Berry1980A Part
Can I see the buds that are swelling (Sabbaths 1999, I)Wendell Berry1999This Day: Collected and New Sabbath Poems
Speaking in TonguesMary Rose O’Reilly2006Half Wild
CaedmonDenise Levertov1985Breathing the Water
Little Gidding, movements IV-VT.S. Eliot1942Four Quartets
LightningMary Oliver1983American Primitive
From a WindowChristian Wiman2011Every Riven Thing
PentecostalLes Murray1974Lunch & Counter Lunch
Batter my heart, three-person’d God
(HS 14)
John Donne1610Holy Sonnets,
a collection of 19 sonnets
Hymne de PentecôtePierre Emmanuel
Athalie, Scene 1, L. 1-12Jean Racine
Le Flambeau VivantCharles Baudelaire1861Les Fleurs du Mal
(Ukrainian, The Holy Spirit)
Alexander Voititsky
(Олександр Войтицький)
2013In the Light of the Word
PentecostDana Gioia200399 Poems: New & Selected

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