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Piketty: Moving away from three-tier democracy

Thomas Piketty Professor at EHESS (Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales, Paris) and the Paris School of Economics According to the French economist, rebuilding a left-right divide centred on questions of redistribution and social inequality is the central issue of France’s legislative elections. Moving away from three-tier democracy Published on June 11, 2022 atContinue reading “Piketty: Moving away from three-tier democracy”

The Vyrus

2020 Vyrus Vyrus, binding tight,To our tissue day and night;What immortal hand or eye,Could frame thy fearful symmetry? And what bellows, & what wants,Could twist thine host’s primed response?A gentle furnace, why requireSuch sight unkind, a storm of fire? Whence thy bloom, pressed to selectA deathless force to infect?What dread hand? & Who to blame?AsContinue reading “The Vyrus”